Create A Simple Email Opt In Using The RainMail Email Tools Pt 2

Once you have set up a RainMail email list and embedded an opt in form on your website, the next step in setting up a free incentive opt in is to create an area where your new subscribers can access their free download.

In part two of this tutorial we will finish off our simple email opt in incentive using the tools that come with the Rainmaker Platform.

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

To finish setting up the free opt in incentive, we will upload the free download to our site, create the download page and adjust our email list to direct users to the download page after they confirm their subscription.

Follow the text instructions below.

1. To create the download page, hover over the ‘Add New’ link in the blue admin bar and click ‘Page’. In the page creation screen, add a name to the title area and add any custom message into the main content editing box.

2. To add the download to the page, click ‘Add Media’ and select the file to upload to your media library. After the file has been embedded, click the ‘Text’ tab in the top right of the content editing box and locate the link to the download.

In the opening link HTML tag, add the word ‘download’. Adding this word will prompt the new subscriber to download the file.

3. Now that we have the download page created, we need to adjust the email list settings so that the new subscriber is redirected to the download page when they click the confirmation link. Go back to the ‘Email’ settings and click the ‘pencil’ icon beside the email list. In the ‘After Subscribe’ select the download page in the drop down. Save the list.

4. Finally, the customer needs to sign up to our email list, so we need to add the opt in form to our site. Go to ‘Design’ –> ‘Content Areas’ and add the ‘Form Widget’ to any of the content areas on your site. Select the custom opt in form in the drop down and save the settings.

5. The last step is to test the opt in process using a disposable email address. Confirm your subscription so you are taken to the download page and make sure that the link to the download file prompts you to download it.

And that is it for your simple opt in form incentive.