Use Pop Up Site Notices In Rainmaker To Increase Your Email And Member Sign Ups

As well as adding a modal pop up opt in form for your Rainmaker site, it’s also possible to add an opt in form using a the Rainmaker pop up notices. Using this tool you can add a form that appears in a pop up notice without the user needing to take any action.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use the tools built into Rainmaker to create a pop up notice, in combination with a custom opt in form. You can set the notice to appear as the page loads or when the user scrolls to a certain point in the content..

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

To create the pop up notice, we are going to use a custom form as we did in the modal pop up form tutorial. However rather than add a button to our site that displays the form when clicked on, we are going to use the ‘site Notice’ feature that comes with Rainmaker. The site notices has a pop Up function where we can choose how the opt in form appears and at what point (time or location).

Follow the text instructions below.

1. To create the custom form, go to ‘Content’ –> ‘Forms’ –> ‘Add New’ and create a new form. Make sure to use the ‘Email Marketing’ tab to configure your email marketing into the form.

2. When the form is saved, go back to the ‘Content’ –> ‘Forms’ –> ‘View All’ area and copy the shortcode for the form. We are going to paste this form into the pop up notice.

3. To activate the pop Up functionality, the next step is to enable the Rainmaker Labs Popup Notices feature. In the Rainmaker Labs settings, check the box beside ‘Popup Notices (Beta)’ and save the settings.

4. Next, we need to create a site notice. Hover over the ‘Manage’ link in the blue admin bar and select ‘Site Notices’. Click to ‘+ Add New’.

5. In the Site Notice editing area, add the shortcode for the custom form into the ‘Content’ tab

6. In the ‘Popup Settings’ tab, configure the settings for when the pop up displays. You can select to choose a time when the notice appears or at a certain point in the content when the user is scrolling down the page.

7. In the ‘Display Settings’ tab, select which content you would like to display the site notice on.

8. Finally, save the site notice.

9. Open up your Rainmaker site in a new browser or tab, and navigate to the content where the notice will appear. Wait for the point that you have configured in the Popup Settings of the notice.

And that is it!