Use Pop Up Forms In Rainmaker To Collect Emails and Build Your List

You can use the tools that are built into Rainmaker to display a pop up opt in form when a customer clicks on a link or button.

There are a few steps in the process, from creating a form to using some features in the Rainmaker labs, and in this tutorial I will take you through the steps piece by piece.

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

To add a pop up form to your Rainmaker site, we will firstly need to create the opt in form. Once we have the form created we will use one of the features available in the Rainmaker Labs that will allow us to display the form in a modal window. Finally, we will configure the modal feature to add our opt in form and display a clickable button.

Follow the text instructions below.

1. To create out form, go to ‘Content’ –> ‘Forms’ –> ‘Add New’ and create a new form. Make sure to use the ‘Email Marketing’ tab to configure your email marketing into the form.

2. When the form is ready, go back to the ‘Content’ –> ‘Forms’ –> ‘View All’ area and copy the shortcode for the form.

3. To activate the modal functionality, the next step is to activate the Rainmaker Labs feature. In the Rainmaker Labs settings, check the box beside ‘Modal Content Elements’ and save the settings.

4. To add the modal element, create a new piece of content such as a page or post. In the visual editor, click the ‘Modal Elements’ icon. In the settings box, add the link text and add ‘button’ to the class field and save the settings

5. A popup shortcode will appear in the content editing area. Adjust the shortcode to add a closing shortcode tag and add the form shortcode inbetween the popup shortcodes.

6. You can save the content if you wish to, or you can copy the code and place the code in any content on your site, including text widgets. Once the code is saved, go to your website and refresh. Click the button and a modal box will appear with the opt in form embedded inside it.