Create A Logged In Experience For Your Rainmaker Members With A Member Only Menu

In your Rainmaker website, you may have menu items that you want to display for members only, as well as menu items you want only non-members to see.

In order to show and hide menu items, based on whether a person is logged in or not, we can add a custom class to our menu items and then use CSS code to show and hide the items.

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

In order to make a member only menu, where you can show and hide menu items for members and vice versa, we will need to add the menu items to our current menu and use some CSS code to hide the member items from non-members and non-member items from members.

In order to use the CSS code effectively, we will add a custom class name to our menu items that will make it easy to hide the items and add more member only items down the track.

Follow the text instructions below.

1. In your Rainmaker dashboard area, go to ‘Design’ –> ‘Menus’. In order to add a class to our non-member and member menu items, we need to add an extra field to our menu tab settings. Click on the ‘Admin Screen Options’ and make sure that the box beside ‘CSS Classes’ is checked.

2. In the right side of the menu area, click the down arrow to the right of the grey menu item that you want to hide for members and non-members. You will see a field labelled ‘CSS Classes’. Add a class name to the field. This class name will be used in the CSS code.

In my example I have used ‘nonmember’ (minus the single quotes) for non-member menu items and ‘member’ (minus the single quotes) for member menu items. You can use any words you want in these fields.

3. Save the menu.

5. Finally, we can add the CSS code, using the class names we just added to the menu items. Go to ‘Design’ –> ‘Custom CSS’, and use the below code:

And that’s it!

If you have more menu items you want to show and hide, you just need to edit the menu items to add the appropriate class name.

**Unfortunately it’s not possible to hide menu items based on a member group, so you will only be able to hide and show based on whether a person is logged in or not. Member group specific menu items is something that will likely be added to the Rainmaker Platform in a future update, however there is no time frame as to when that will be.