Tell Visitors More About You With The Rainmaker Author Box

If you have a site with multiple authors creating posts, you may want to display a box at the bottom of content that lets your readers know more about the author.

In this video I will show you how to add the Author Box to Rainmaker posts and how to disable it on a content-by-content basis using very basic CSS code

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

To display the Author Box on our website content, we will need to edit our profiles to enable the Author Box and then add some details about ourselves. Once we have set up the box, we can then add a small piece of CSS code to our ‘Custom CSS’ area to hide the box on specific pages where it’s not necessary to display the Author Box.

Follow the text instructions below.

1. To enable the Author Box, hover over your profile details in the right of the blue admin bar and click on ‘Edit My Profile’.

2. Scroll to the ‘Author Archive Settings’ and check the box beside ‘Enable Author Box on this Member’s Posts’

3. To add detail to the author box, scroll up to the ‘Biographical Info’ section.

4. Save the profile once you are done. Go back to a post on your site and refresh the page. You should see the author box at the bottom of the post content.

5. There will be times where you do not want to have the Author Box displayed, such as your LMS content. To hide the Author Box on a content-by-content basis, we can add a small snippet of CSS code to our site. Before we add the CSS code, edit the content you want to remove the Author Box from and in the ‘Layout Settings’ box, add a class to the ‘Custom Body Class’ field.

6. Finally, add the below CSS code to the ‘Design’ –> ‘Custom CSS’ area:

7. When you want to remove the Author Box from another piece of content, just add the class to the ‘Custom Body Class’ field and you are done!