How To Ask Your Customers To Agree To Terms And Conditions When Purchasing A Rainmaker Product

You may have content on your site that is results based and sensitive for your members to consume. One way to ensure your members are aware of the environment they are joining is to ask them to agree to some terms and conditions

The Rainmaker checkout form does not come with the ability to add a terms and conditions checkbox prompt, but there is a workaround you can add to your site that wil provide similar functionality

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

In order to add a ‘terms and conditions’ prompt to the checkout process, we will need to create a custom form with an email and checkbox field.

The form will be embedded into our landing page for the customer to complete. Once the form is submitted, the customer is directed to the checkout page to complete the purchasing process.

Follow the text instructions below.

1. In your Rainmaker dashboard area, go to ‘Content’ –> ‘Forms’. Click the ‘Add New’ button to create a new form. Give the form a name and save the form.

2. Once the form is saved, click the ‘Field Settings’ tab and add an email, checkbox and submit button. Configure each field to add a label, description and require the fields to be completed. Save the fields once you are done.

3. To add the redirect to the form, click on the ‘Notifications’ tab. Select to add a new notification. Set up the notification as a ‘redirect’ and add the purchase link of the product as the redirect URL.

4. Finally, we will copy the shortcode for the form and add it to a landing page. When you create a landing page, select a template with an Opt In Form. As you configure the Opt In Form, select ‘other’ as the email marketing service and paste the form shortcode into the box provided

5. Once the landing page is saved, open the page in a private or incognito window to view the page as a customer. If you are feeling keen, complete the form to make sure the form redirects as it should.

6. To view the submissions of the form, incase there is a dispute, navigate to ‘Results’ –> ‘Form Reports’ and select the form in the drop down. The Form results area will display all the submissions for you to view.

And that’s it!