Change The Rainmaker Login Form To Prompt Users To Add Their Email Address

By default, the label beside the field in the Rainmaker login form will ask for the ‘Username’.

If you have configured your site to use the members email address as their username, having the login form prompt the user to enter their ‘Username’, might be a bit confusing for the customer.

Luckily, there is a small snippet of script code we can add to the login page in order to adjust the ‘Username’ label to say ‘Email Address’ instead.

Video Instructions – click play below

Text instructions

What we will be doing in this tutorial is firstly set up our Rainmaker sites to use the email address as the username. What this will do is prompt customers to enter only their name and email when they create their user profile on the checkout page.

After we have made that adjustment, we need to edit the login page and add a small snippet of code to change the ‘Username’ label in the login form to ‘Email Address’.

Follow the text instructions below.

1. If you have not yet adjusted your site to use the members email as their login username, hover over the cog icon in the right of the blue admin bar and select ‘Conversion’.

In the ‘Conversion’ settings, check the box beside ‘Use email address as username?’ and save the settings.

2. To set up the login page to prompt for the Email address, go to ‘Content’ –> ‘Pages’ –> ‘View All’ and click on the ‘Login’ page to edit it.

3. In the login form page editing area, scroll down to the ‘Scripts’ box and enter in the below code:

4. Once you have saved the changes, open your login page in a private or incognito window to see the label change in the form.

And that’s it!

If you want the label to have something else, simply edit the login page and change ‘Email Address’ in the script code, to the text you want to display. Remember to keep the single quotes in the code so you don’t cause any errors.