About Nifticious

Hi, I’m Amelia. I work with DIY-ers, soloprenerus and small business owners who need help with the technical side of growing their website into a business that fits their life.

I offer easy-to-implement tutorials, self-paced guides to help you get your online business set up, minus the geekery.

Maybe you’re here because you want to DIY your website and need self-paced, easy-to-follow instructions.

Maybe you’re here because you want guidance from someone with technical expertise about that awesome idea you read about.

Or maybe you’re here because you’re sick of wasting time and you just want to learn from someone with experience who can show you how to get the job done, without the drawn-out fuss.

Whatever reason bout you to Nifticious, I’m here to help.

How I Got Here And Why I Do This.

I began blogging in 2006 knowing nothing about how to put a website together. In that time I’ve learned everything I could about how to create websites, and in 2010 I started working as a web developer.

What frustrates me about DIY website creation is the lack of basic how-to information on the internet – information that helps everyday, normal people piece together a basic website that works.

Over the years I have developed a knack for being able to break down complex ideas and translate them into every day terms that non-technical folks can understand. I decided to take my skills, knowledge and expertise and create step-by-step video tutorials that help people in the areas they struggle with.

Combining my developer skills and the content marketing knowledge I have gained along the way, I have a unique balance in understanding what is required for a well-converting website, work out the technical steps involved, and how to guide people who don’t have a technical background, through the process.

Your Website Doesn’t Fit Into the ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Box.

Since 2014 I’ve been working in demanding, hands-on technical support roles for well-known companies creating and selling WordPress plugins, themes, website platforms and other website enhancing tools.

Through the thousands of emails I’ve read and answered, I’ve seen first-hand the frustration website owners experience when it comes to taking their ideas and figuring out how to put them into action.

I’ve helped hundreds of soloprenerus, small businesses and DIY-ers, just like yourself, work out what they want to do and how to do it. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with unique and inventive ways to use website tools for different purposes, and pass on that knowledge so others can do it themselves.

Unlike other websites offering technical “help”, my first reaction to an issue isn’t to install a plugin that further clogs up your website, or provide copy/paste computer code you don’t know what to do with. I prefer to discover what’s possible with the tools already available, and challenge the limits of what can be done.

If there is a way to achieve a specific website or business outcome, without adding more to your website, I will help you find it!

Discover The Possibilities That Help Your Website Grow.

This whole ‘website’ thing is not a secret only geeks are allowed to know. Lots of everyday people are doing it, but they talk about it as though a five year old should know this stuff. It’s not rudeness. They simply forget what it’s like to be where you are now.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are smart and capable. But not everything is as obvious to you as it is to other people. My video tutorials are for people who find themselves stuck in the learning curve and need someone who moves at a slower and more detailed pace, without all that technical jargon.

I will patiently guide you with easy-to-understand information, clear and actionable steps, in a language that is ‘tech-free’ and ‘geek-free’. Let me help give your self-confidence a well deserved boost. You can learn how to have type of website you want, without feeling like a technical numpty.

I want to be clear that I do not promise any magical ‘silver bullets’, or that you’ll become a website ‘ninja’ overnight, but you will develop real skills you can use for the long-term.

What Can You Do Right Now?

If you have just arrived here, take a look at my free articles and tutorials that cover the basics so you can get started right now.

Take a look around. I’ll see you there!